I'm Tired of Your Stuff (single)

by Edmund Snyder

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You say you need to have space
So you can burn like the sun 
You just need me to hold things together
While you go out and have fun
Just when I think you’re gonna set me free
You turn and string me along
You made me think we had a destiny
I’m starting to think that you’re wrong

I’m tired of your ass staying out all night
I’m tired of your mouth always picking a fight
I’m tired of your legs always walking away
And I’m sick of the mindgames that you play
I’m tired of the beer that’s on your breath
And the way you’ve made me start to pray for death
I don’t mean to sound gruff
But I’m tired of your stuff.

You claim you’re never at fault
And that I’m always to blame
Well I have one more crazy question for you
Why are you playing these games
You make me want to pull all my hair out
And throw it into your face
You make me want to pull a Ralph Kramden
And send your ass into space


I can’t pretend I want you out of my life
I’m still in love with you
I’m only trying to say that I’m confused
I don’t know what to do


I don’t mean to sound gruff
But I’m so tired of your stuff

I don't mean to sound gruff
but I'm tired of your stuff.


released January 5, 2014
Edmund Snyder (vocals, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, synth vio)
(drums with Addictive Drums and AKAI pads)



all rights reserved


Edmund Snyder Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Edmund is an avant garde singer, songwriter, and guitarist who creates an eclectic mix of tunes. He has set a challenge to perfect his art by writing a new song each week during 2014. Edmund is a Navy veteran who has traveled extensively both in and out of the military. He draws on his experiences in small town and big city America as well as his adventures to craft his words. ... more

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